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Hello, this is Wade Cottingham, thanks for visiting!

 Lakewood Piano Lab – Dallas, Texas

  • Individual Instruction in Piano, Bass, Drums, Saxophone
  • Private Lessons, Group Lessons
  • Online Lessons with Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype
  • All styles of music, students of any age
  • All levels – beginner to advanced  
  •  Learning to play music is great for a child’s development (and expression, and fun, and confidence).  My favorite thing in life is to help facilitate that by providing excellent, individualized music instruction.  

TEACHER:  Wade Cottingham, from Dallas. Lakewood resident since 1988.

WHERE/HOW: Weekly lessons at our Lakewood Studio.  A few blocks south of Lakewood Shopping Center.   Tuition payable by semester, or monthly.

NEXT STEP:  Contact me anytime with any questions. Schedule a visit. Ask me for a list of (stunning, stellar)  references from right here in our neighborhood !!!  Reach me (Wade) at 214-564-6456 or wadecottingham@hotmail.com


“I really really love teaching music. I call our studio Lakewood Piano Lab because it is a place of discovery and growth.”

“I started teaching piano full time in 2002. I was already teaching piano part time, and was preferring that to my other career (computer programming for oil and gas accounting software).  Since 2002 we have averaged 60 to 70 students a week, year after year.  Mostly kids from every school in the neighborhood.  But also 8 to 10 music loving adults are coming for lessons each week.”   

“We promote and teach strong, clear fundamentals of music making, and very high levels of fun and joy! “

OTHER PLATFORMS: Call with questions!  You can comment here too. Visit my Facebook page, “Wade Cottingham’s Lakewood Piano Lab”.  Visit my YouTube teaching/recital channels.  Hear my albums with “Rothbard Cottingham Bandwagon” on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play Music, Bandcamp, YouTube.

See you soon!      Wade      

call/text: 214-564-6456    email:  wadecottingham@hotmail.com





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